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Date: 18/5/1359 [9August 1980]

Number: -----

Iran Cork


"Privately held Company"


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In the Name of God:

The Esteemed Islamic Workers Council of Mina Glass - the Esteemed Board of Directors,

The Islamic Association has been informed that after the blessed month of Ramadan, the workers will use the new restaurant to have their meals. Since there is no more than three days left to the end of the blessed month of Ramadan, the Islamic Association (based on its religious duty) is suggesting to the Council and the Board of Directors that the Moslem workers do not use the new restaurant until their religious purity is assured.  This is because a Moslem individual cannot use an unclean dishes and unclean [illegible] to have a meal. Should this happen, both the Moslem individual and the Council and the Board of Directors will be liable from the religious point of view.  Eleven things are considered unclean [illegible] in Islam, one of which is the infidel.  An infidel is a person who would deny God, or considers partners for God, or does not believe in the prophethood of the Khatam’ul-Anbia [1] Mohammad son of Abdullah.  The infidel's whole body even his hair, nails and bodily fluids are unclean.  (Refer to questions 106 and 107 of Imam Khomaini's Resalah[2]).

The Islamic Association considers Baha'is to be unclean according to the Imam's Resalah and Moslems should strictly avoid any contact with them which [would] cause impurity.


[official stamp] Islamic Association of Mina Glass


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[1] [seal of the prophets or the last of the prophets ]

[2] [Resalah is the Arabic word for treatise, but among the Shia, the term is used as shorthand for a Resalah Amaliyah or treatise on practical law.]