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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Iranian Imperial Government

Administrative Order of Office of Personnel

Form (52 – 4) 22 A - Department of State for Administrative Affairs and Employment

1-Ministry: Education

2-Employee number: [redacted]

3-Name: Mrs Monir

4-Surname: Vojdani

5-Name of father: Erfanollah

6-Birth certificate number and place of issue

Birth certificate number: [redacted]

Place of issue: Rural District

District: -----

City: [redacted] Provincial Governorate: [redacted]

7-Place of birth: [redacted]

8-Date of birth: Day: 18, Month: Ordibehesht, Year: [redacted] [9 May [redacted [[

9-Highest qualification and field of study: Diploma in Natural Sciences

10- Organizational determined position title: Teacher

11-Branch: Educational and Cultural

Field: Teaching

Classification: 4

12-Group: 6

13-Rank: 5

14-Organizational Unit: Ekbatan Primary School

15-Place of service: Village ----- District ----- City Arak

Provincial Governorate: Arak

16-Authority: As explained in the Judgement, Date: ------ Number: -------

17- Category of Judgement: Termination of service

18-Content of the Judgement:

As, based on positive existing documents, you are associated with the perverse Baha’i sect, in accordance with Article 14 of the National Employment Act, and confidential letter number 1 of the legal office, which indicates that government employees are required to be followers of one of the official religions, your service at the education department will be terminated from 1 Mehr 1358 [23 September 1979]. K

Copy to:

1-Legal Parliamentary Office of the Ministry of Education

2-Central Administration Office

19-Salaries, benefits and allowances -----

20-Salaries, benefits and allowances written in this Judgement, a total sum of (in letters) ----- rials is payable, after enactment of deductions, in accordance with Legal force ----- Chapter ----- Article -----

21-Date of executing the Judgement: 1 Mehr 1358 [23 September 1979]

22-Judgement’s date of issue and number:

Date: 9 Mehr 1358 [1 October 1979]

Number: 56194/5

23-Name and surname of the responsible authority: Director General of Education in Arak Province: Zeinali

Organizational determined position title ------

Signature -----

Copy: The employee