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Ordibehesht Avenue Number 132, Shiraz

Dear Dr. Abdolhamid Imami, Honourable Chief Director of the Health and Welfare Services of Fars Province and Deputy Director of the Red Lion and Sun Society of Shiraz


Respectfully, Pursuant to letter 220, dated 26/01/1358 [15 April 1979], from the Red Lion and Sun Society of Shiraz, I inform you that my absence from service in the maternity wing of the Red Lion and Sun facility in Shiraz from 01/01/1358 [21 March 1979] was due to strict instructions issued by the Chief Director at the time; and in fact my absence began earlier on 24/12/1357 [15 March 1979] and not 01/01/1358 [21 March 1979].


I would like to further add that the Chief Director at that time summoned me and stated that continuation of my services would depend on the decision of the Board of Directors and I should not report to work until further notice.  He also immediately issued instructions to the Board of Directors to hold an extraordinary meeting.  On 26/12/1357 [17 March 1979] the Board met and my case was discussed as reflected in the Minutes of the Board.  The next day the Chief Director was asked to resign and I waited for instructions to me until 08/01/1358 [28 March 1979].  Since I did not hear further, I decided to write the letter dated 08/01/1358 [28 March 1979] and now I receive your letter- 220 dated 26/01/1358 [15 April 1979].


My humble request to you is to specifically inform me as to whether my dismissal from service was because of my absence only to comply with the instructions of the Chief Director? Or was it because of my belief in the Baha’i Faith?


With respect

Dr. Monir Daghighi Ardekani