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[Personal information has been redacted.]


The Public Prosecutor

Khayyam Street, Number 5111

The Respected Public Prosecutor,


15 Azar 1368 [6 December 1989]

Relying on God Almighty and beseeching His assistance, I would convey that I am Molouk Khadem, seventy-one [71] years old I imprisoned for six years because of being a Baha’i.

 It is nine months since, by the Grace of God, I was released, and [I am being] faced with difficulties that I would like to inform you [about] and request your assistance; other than the Almighty God, I consider you a fair-minded person and He [God] has instructed us to stick to the right means:

  1. My retirement [pension], which [I] should be [able to] spend on myself and my old sick mother, after 40 years of serving in the Departments of Education and Finance, has been cut off.
  2. The meagre amount of money which I had kept aside from my salary at the Bank Melli for the days of need, and [which I] presently need for my eye surgery, has been transferred to the Treasury.
  3. I have been [prohibited] from doing any financial transaction and I could not even sell my vehicle, which the authorities graciously returned to me, to pay my bills.
  4. The objects that, three times, were taken from my house have not yet been returned to me.
  5. My mother and I are both deprived of even milk rations, assigned by the government for the elderly.


I hope that in considering the situation of two frail and sick women, and through your pure conscience and awareness of the Holy Writings, [you will] look into this situation and respond to us that we may continue our prayers and exercise patience, and not disturb you again.