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In the Name of God

Primary School: Asre Enghelab 2


Please take appropriate action regarding the enrolment of sister: Mojgan Moradian; Student: year 4; Primary School: Ershad; Education Department: District of Yazd; taking fully into consideration directive number 9294/9 -27 Tir 1363 [18 July 1984], as well as the related education records and all other regulations.

Head of the Department of Education - Isfahan Area 3

Amin Javaheri

[Signature over official stamp]

Was expelled from the school, as she is a Baha’i

Haj Ahmadi

[Signature over official stamp]


[Handwritten note, number and date at the top of the page]


[Illegible] Shahrivar 1363 [[Illegible] August/September 1984]