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[Adapted from website:] Mohsen Kadivar Official Website

[Date:] 25 Shahrivar 1392 [16 September 2013]


The Uncleanliness of the Baha’is

Question: What do you think about the uncleanliness of the Baha’is?


A. The principle is based on innate human cleanliness. Cleanliness agrees with the principle, and uncleanliness requires reason.

B. The Baha’is believe in God (or at least consider themselves to believe); they believe in the prophethood of the Prophet of Islam, although they do not believe in His being the final Prophet, and according to us Muslims they have an ungodly and false religion.

C. But the invalidity of religion and belief does not necessarily cause uncleanliness; alleging that those believers in God and the prophethood are unclean causes problems.

Corollary: This results in that Baha’is are clean.

23 Shahrivar 1392 [14 September 2013]