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The Honourable Head of Cabinet Ministers, may your glory be everlasting

In the month of Dey 1317 [December/January 1939] a Baha’i marriage ceremony took place in Qorveh, Kurdistan, between Mr. Ali Aousat Ahmadi and Miss Kobra Maleki. This devoted servant, Mohammad Saeid Maleki, signed the marriage certificate as a witness. The local court prosecuted the bride and groom and the witnesses under the excuse that Baha’i marriage is not officially recognised.

This devoted servant, as one of the witnesses, has suffered trouble and loss. The innocence of the witnesses was proven in court and the court ruling was issued. But the Kurdistan public prosecutor appealed to the Kermanshah Court of Appeal. I appeared there, and the court ordered me to return [home]. [They said] the court’s ruling would be conveyed at a later date through the Kurdistan court. To date, I have not received any ruling and I have faced much trouble and difficulty during these nine months.

It is contrary to justice and equity to summon a busy farmer to Kurdistan, and sometimes to Kermanshah, for questioning. I should have implored justice at the beginning, but since, as part of my Baha’i beliefs, I am obedient to the authorities under all circumstances, and am certain that the pure conscience and kindness of the authorities will never accept injustice towards the nation’s subjects, and ultimately that truth and justice will prevail to remove misunderstandings, I refrained from filing a complaint, and avoided taking up your time. But, matters reached the point that could not be tolerated and I had no choice but to complain to Your Honour, who is the protector and the guardian of the security and well-being of the entire Iranian people. I earnestly beg your attention to instruct the relevant authorities not to seek excuses to create problems for matters such as Baha’i marriage and cause difficulties. 



[Stamp: Receipt at the Office of Head of Minsters]

Number: 10966

Dated: 4 Azar 1318 [26 November 1939]


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