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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 28 Bahman 1387 (16 February 2009)


The Latest Report on Conviction of Mr. Mohammad-Reza Kandy in Mazandaran

Latest news from Iran

The trial of Mr. Mohammad-Reza Kandy, a resident of Sari, was held on 25 December 2008 (5 Dey 1387) and he was sentenced to seven months in prison. Mr. Kandy’s case was referred to the Court of Appeals and he has not yet begun his captivity. On 8 April 2008 (20 Farvardin 1387), a number of Mazandaran intelligence agents entered his home in the small town of Mahforuzak [Mahforujak] near Sari and searched his home. They took with them a personal computer and a number of Baha’i CDs, pamphlets, and books, and told him to report to the intelligence service the next morning. Mr. Kandy was arrested on the morning of 13 April [25 Farvardin] while entering the office of that organization, and then released on bail of 50 million tomans until his trial.