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Iran Telecommunications Company

Date: 10 Aban 1361 [1 November 1982]

Number: 459/301473

Enclosure [illegible]


In the Name of God

“Indeed, Hosein is the beacon and the ship that rescues the human being” - Prophet Mohammad

To: Telephone Services Office

From: Personnel Head Office – Appointments Office

A green copy of Decision Number 15 dated 20 Mehr 1361 [24 September 1982], of the Primary Division of the Human Resources Restructuring Office, is hereby enclosed [to enable you] to notify Mr. Mohammad Najafi [of the decision]. In the event that he does not object to the said decision, please inform this Office so that it is able to take necessary action, in accordance with the regulations.

Mohammad Hosein Seifian

Head of Personnel, Main Office


Copy to:

1 – The Primary Division of the Human Resources Restructuring Office – reference the above decision number

Appointments Office with all background information for follow-up action

[Stamp] Indexed

[Official stamp with number and date]

Iran Telecommunications Company

Production and Operations Services

Incoming log number: 12749 dated 11 Aban 1361 [2 November 1982]