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The Brief Response to Indictment Brought by His Honour the Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shahsavar 


  1. Friendship with adversaries of God

I am a friend of God, a believer in Him, and I am not the enemy of God. I revere the friends of God. Not only have I no enmity with the friends of God, but also I love them.

  1. Collection of relief fund and contribution

I have never collected any relief fund or contribution for Israel and/or for the benefit of occupied Palestine; also, my religion is to worship God. I have nothing to do with the Jewish religion, and the meagre [contributions] I have made during many years, have been for the protection and maintenance of the [Baha’i] Holy Places, and for the construction of the building of the Universal House of Justice in Haifa in the Holy Land.

  1. Corruption on earth

I have never destroyed nor annihilated the national economic resources. Personally, I am the perfect example of a farmer, and most of my income is generated through farming. God loves the farmers.

  1. Obstructing the path of God and improving the high values

I am nobody, and much [too] small to become an obstruction in the path of God. The power of God is infinite and no one has the power to hinder His path. Whoever would have such a futile and hollow thought, himself becomes annihilated, especially [since,] in our doctrine, we deeply trust in God, the Holy Qur’an, the honourable Prophet and the holy [Imams], and we strongly believe in the high Islamic and human values, having high regard and respect for all the Muslims. Therefore, considering the relevancy of my case, I think there must have been a misunderstanding, and for this, I plead with the Islamic Court of Justice for acquittal and for my numerous family members. In turn, I am prepared, at the order of His Honour the Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, the highly regarded leader of Iran, to assist the destitute to the best of my ability, as I will not refrain from rendering any sacrificial help, and in this path, I am always a pioneer.  


With highest respect,

Mohammad Lohrasbi