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Ministry of the Interior

Provincial Governorate of the Tenth Province

[Number: 12889]

[Date: 1 Aban 1330 (24 Oct 1951)]


Esteemed Governorate General of the Tenth Province - Report

Cordially, it is reported that according to the report of the First Company, and based on the report of the Najafabad group, on 26 Mehr 1330 [19 October 1951] at 5:00 p.m., they were notified that a person had been murdered in Najafabad Gardens, within the jurisdiction of the police force of ​​the city. In order to investigate the case and carry out the legal procedures, the head of the court, the head of the police force and a doctor went to the site of the incident at the end of the water gardens of Kahriz. They examined the corpse and confirmed that [the killer/s] strangled him by wrapping an object around the victim’s neck. According to his relatives, the victim’s name was Mohammad Keyvani, son of Hossein Ali; he was a farmer and 45 years old. Therefore, after the performance of formal procedures, the body was buried and the case is under investigation by the court and police force. In order to assist and cooperate with the court and police to arrest and prosecute the assassin, an officer and ten gendarmes have been deployed to Najafabad, who will cooperate with the police until the establishment of complete order in the area.

Commander of the Gendarmerie Regiment of Isfahan, Colonel Taiedi

12889 – 1 Aban 1330 [24 Oct 1951] Copy of the above is sent to the Ministry of the Interior for sharing information.

Governor General of the Tenth Province, [signature]


[Handwritten note 1:] Police force, 5 Aban 1330 [28 Oct 1951].

[Handwritten note 2:] [Stamp: Registered in the Ministry of the Interior, Number 68055, Date: 5 Aban 1330 [28 Oct 1951].

[Handwritten note 3:] Number 13674, 7 Aban [30 October].

[Handwritten note 4:] Office of the cities, 7 Aban [30 October].

[Handwritten note 5:] Archives, this has a detailed history that has recently been acted upon. Add to the records and archive. 8 Aban 1330 [31 Oct 1330].

[Handwritten note 6:] Where is the archives, history of whom they are asking? Attached. 9 Aban [1 November].