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Ministry of the Interior

The Office of Governor General of the Tenth Province


Date: 8/9/1330 [30 November 1951]

[Number: No number]


Confidential, Eyes only


Copy of the report from Colonel Mazaheri


Esteemed Commander of the Police Force of Isfahan,


Respectfully we hereby return the original referred and confidential letter number 760-of 21/8/1330 [13 November 1951] containing the report number 1343/M of 30/8/30 [22 November 1951] from the office of Governor General of the Tenth Province which states : According to the investigation, Mr Abol-Qasim Payandeh, the manager of the Saba magazine, on the 26/7/1330 [19 October 1951] at 13:00 or 14:00 hours, arrived from Najafabad to Isfahan and went straight to his brother Ahmad Payandeh’s home. [His brother is] the head of the notary public office. At his place there was an Islamic commemorative gathering. He entered into conversation with a number of the people of Najafabad who had been there as audience. No information was gathered concerning the content of their conversations. Later on he met at the Court with the head of the judiciary regarding his brother’s matter, then Ahmad and [he] returned at 16:00 hours to Isfahan that same day.


Finally, for your information it is stated that: The strangling of Mohammad Kayvani was not a religious case, and the incident took place because a “hideous act” [?] had been committed, the full detail of which were submitted in the report number 1588 of 14/8/30 [6 November 1951]. Presently Najafabad is completely peaceful and quiet and Law Enforcement is in charge of the affairs. In relation to the accusation of attempting to allure the Commander of the Police Force and the Head of Judiciary, no information has been found as yet. These matters were submitted for your information.


Colonel Mazaheri,

This is a true of the original. 8/9/1330 [30 November 1951]

This Copy is identical to the copy [sic], [Signature]

[Stamp:] Isfahan, Office of the Governor General of the Tenth Province