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[Adapted from website:] IRIB News Agency

[Date:] 17 Mehr 1393 [9 October 2014]


Mohammad Javad Larijani: Ahmad Shaheed Should Resign As Soon As Possible / 3 And Final

Tehran / Central News / Social Unit 16 Mehr 1393 [8 October 2014].

The head of the Human Rights Commission of the Judiciary addressed Ahmad Shaheed, the UN special rapporteur, and said, “It is better for him to resign as soon as possible because he has left a bad record as a UN rapporteur.” In an exclusive interview with a reporter from the Central News Agency, in response to a question about the motives of Ahmad Shaheed defending Bahaism in his reports, Mohammad Javad Larijani added, “The Baha’is in Iran are dealt with on the basis of a commitment and a citizenship agreement.”

He said, “These are financially wealthy people; they have factories and financial activities in the country and are covered by the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran unless they violate the laws of the Islamic Republic.” The head of the Human Rights Commission of the Judiciary added, “Naturally, the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran lists the official religions of the country, and these are not among [them], but activities related to their citizenship are not prohibited by law, and the Islamic Republic of Iran protects people who are committed to citizenship laws”. Larijani said, “If someone violates the law, it has nothing to do with Shiites, Sunnis, etc.”

He added, “One of the important violations is the formation of a sect. Sect means an organization that people can enter at their own discretion but cannot leave, and if they leave that sect, organization or club, they will be subjected to various pressures, such as deprivation of inheritance and even death threats.” Larijani said, “We now have cases where people have complained and said [they have] have left the Baha’i sect or another sect and they no longer want to have this sect, but they have faced such a disaster that [it has ruined their lives].” He added, “Such an organization is against the law, even if it is based on the Twelver Shiite religion."

Larijani said, “I think that the president of the United States, who supports this group at least twice a year, and the secretary-general of the United Nations, at least once every two months, pays homage to this group and expresses his love for them. It is very bad for the Baha’is of our country, and I think they should ask them not to say these [things], because British, American and European officials are very hated in Iran, and when they praise the Baha’is, people [think] that there must be a problem with them, which is the case. He added, “Naturally, these things are not hidden from our people.”