Mohammad Eshraghi

Born: 1899, Kerman

Executed in Tehran on 31 August 1983


Mohammad Eshraghi was born into a Baha’i family.  At the age of 21 he was elected to the Local Spiritual Assembly[1] of Kerman.  In 1929 he moved to Isfahan and married.  He retired in 1955 and pioneered to various regions of Iran.  Then in 1963 he was appointed as an Auxiliary Board member[2].  He continued to be a member until the time of his arrest and imprisonment.

On 15 February 1983, he received a telephone call summoning him to the Prosecutor’s office.  As ordered, he presented to the authorities the next morning and after some hours of interrogation and a search of his home he was arrested and imprisoned in Qasr prison.  Months later, on 6 September 1983, his family discovered that he had been executed when they went to the prison for a scheduled visit.  They were referred to the coroner’s office and told that his death certificate was issued on 31 August 1983.


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[1] Local Spiritual Assembly: a nine-member administrative body elected annually by the Baha’is of a particular area, tasked with overseeing the affairs of the Baha’i community of that area.

[2] Auxiliary Board Members: group of individuals appointed by the Continental Board of Counselors for a five year term.  Their responsibility is to encourage individuals and strengthen Baha’i communities in their area of service - usually smaller regions within a country.  Auxiliary Board Members have a consultative role in relation to the Local Spiritual Assemblies.