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27 Aban 1318 [19 November 1939]


Honourable Chief of Cabinet of Ministers

This servant, Haj Mohammed Beglari, in conformity with my religious beliefs, considers himself a sincere benefactor of the Iranian government and of the nation, and obedient to the laws of the country when it comes to administrative affairs. Although I am 60 years old, I have never filed any complaints with this office. However, I have been under investigation for a few months by the local magistrate’s court and the Ministry of Justice in Kurdistan, as well as the court of appeals in Kermanshah, for my participation in the marriage ceremony of Agha Ali Aousat in Qorveh, and for signing their marriage certificate as witness.

Despite my old age, with a large family and the need to make a living, and no respite from my agricultural farming, I am continuously summoned by the authorities in Kurdistan for questioning. And even though my innocence was proven through the law and I was released, I was summoned again by the public prosecutor to the court of appeal in Kermanshah and I was obliged to take other witnesses and the bride herself with me to the court. After enquiry and investigation, they permitted us to return, stating that the decision of the court was to be announced through the court in Kurdistan. To date, no decision has been made by the court of appeal.

The amount of loss incurred by this servant is overwhelming and unbearable. These days, the claim of justice of the Iranian government is raised around the world, and it is unfortunate for these wronged ones to be subject to injustice for simply marrying in conformity with religious laws or witnessing someone’s marriage. Should the Office of the Personal Status Registrations decline to register the Baha’i marriages, then what choices have these couples and those who witness?  Does it mean that Baha’is should refrain from entering into marriage, or that others should not certify their marriage certificates?

I earnestly plead with the esteemed cabinet ministers to pay attention and instruct the local authorities to stop disturbing this servant and others, and let us enjoy the peace and tranquility granted to us and to all our compatriots under the justice and security of our beloved country.

With endless respect and appreciation

Humble servant, Haj Muhammad Beglari


[Stamp: Registration at the Office of the Cabinet Ministers]

No: 10967

Date: 4 Azar 1318 [26 November 1939]


[Handwritten note on the bottom:]

Chief of the Office of the Cabinet Ministers, for archive.