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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Date]: 11/4/1358 [2 July 1979]


Respected Governor of Karaj


It is respectfully conveyed that on Wednesday, 6/4/1358 [27 June 1979], at 12:00 noon, I was summoned to the Karaj [Islamic Revolutionary] Committee and they detained me.  Although my family was unaware of my detention, this detention took about ten hours.  Immediately, four people, two of them armed, one named engineer Jafari, who introduced themselves as being from the [Islamic Revolutionary] Committee, entered our house, and while turning all of our belongings upside-down in an unspeakable manner, took about 200 volumes of books about the Baha’i Faith, and some writings of our children, who are students.  They refused to give us a receipt or record the proceedings.  No matter how many times my wife told them that these books belonged to our children, whose names were written on most of them, they did not pay any attention to her.


Later, my wife went to the [Islamic Revolutionary] Committee to object to this inhumane act and confiscation of the books.  Unfortunately, they did not give her a satisfactory response.


Therefore, I beg of you to order the return of our books, and do not allow unjust persons to act contrary to the wishes of the leader of the Revolution and the government of Islamic Justice by taking inhumane and illegal actions.


With respect,


Mohammad-Bagher Ahrari