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Islamic Republic of Iran

Decision of the Human Resources

(Institutions Bound by Employment Guidelines of Governmental Institutions)

Form: A47 (54-4) Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organization of Iran


1- Name of Governmental Office: North Regional Water and Electricity Company

2- Company/Institution Code:

3- Employee Number: [redacted]

4- Given name Mr./Mrs. Mohammad

5- Surname: Asadpour

6- Father's name: Nejatollah

7- Birth certificate number and place of issue:  Birth certificate number: [redacted], Issued in: Town: [redacted]

8- Place of birth: [redacted]

9- Date of birth: Day: 13, Month: Bahman, Year: [redacted] [2 February [redacted]]

10- Highest level of education: High School Diploma, Literature

11- Job title: In charge of the Irrigation Division of Kuchesfahan

12- Job number: [redacted]

13- Guild: Technical, Rank: Agriculture and Irrigation Technician, Level: Responsible for irrigation 2

14- Group: Six

15- Base: Ten

16- Organizational Unit: Irrigation Unit for Gilan Region

17- Location of service: District: Kuchesfahan, Town: Rasht, Province: Gilan

18- Type of Decision: Termination

19- Details of order:

As per directive number 582, dated 20 Dey 1359 [10 January 1981], of the Purging Council of Gilan Province, and by way of this order, you are terminated from service as of 20 Dey 1359 [10 January 1981].  Consequently, and in accordance with the constitution as well as the written instructions of the Prime Minister, you will not be entitled to any compensation.

20- Salary, benefits, and bonuses:

A- Salary base group: 35100 rial

B- Total temporary job benefits/job benefits: 20700 rial

C- Bonuses, working in remote areas: 8424 rial

Total: 64224 rial

21- Salary, benefits, and bonuses indicated in this order totals (in words) Sixty-Four Thousand Two Hundred and Twenty-Four rial subsequent to statutory deductions from the credit 9121-530-200 is payable

22- Date of enforcement of decision: 20 Dey 1359 [10 January 1981]

23- Date of issuance and decision number: Date: 25 Bahman 1359 [14 February 1981], Number: 16409

24- Given name and surname of the Officer in Charge: Hasan Fatorechi [signature]

Title: General Manager

Signature: [signature]

20 Bahman 1359 [9 February 1981]

Copy: Employee