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Honourable Director General of Justice Administration of the Province of Sistan and Baluchestan


I am respectfully submitting that, for almost 35 years, I, Mohammad-Ali Safari, have been living with my wife and children in house number 11 of the Omana Company, located in [redacted], and have been engaged in floriculture and floristry. We have agreed with the administrators or the officials of the Omana Company that for the performance of the gardening, tree planting and caretaking of the place, I would have the use of a complete house for life, as well as use of the mentioned land for floriculture and floristry in order to support my living expenses. As we have been in full understanding and confidence with each other, we have not drawn up a notarized and written contract, and so far, we have acted according to our promises and agreement.

Recently, the people in charge of the Omana Company have changed; some people have entered our place of residence, family life and business without any legal consideration―whether in terms of national laws, religious laws, or customary laws―and on 24 Shahrivar 1358 [15 September 1979], through letter number 2169, dated 24 Shahrivar 1358 [15 September 1979], they have given me notice to evacuate the place immediately and hand it over to the new representative of the Omana Company.

As per the general public testimony of the locals and the information of a large number of residents of Zahedan, whether office workers or free-lancers, it is well-known that in the said house, which was on a piece of dry and barren land, I have planted trees and have developed it, and by selling the crops or seedlings and cuttings, I used to make a living for myself and my family, and at the same time have planted some roses and grape vines and have made and prepared a wooden trellis at great cost and with hard work. These form the capital of my business, and I have been using them in the usual gardening and floriculture.

Now, firstly, Mr. Mehdi Miri, the new person in charge of the Omana Company in Zahedan, has directed me in letter number 112, dated 28 Shahrivar 1358 [19 September 1979], a photocopy of which is attached, to evacuate the place within ten days.

Secondly, some people have been engaged in construction work in the mentioned house, and in these few days, a person or persons have entered the place and raised all kinds of issues, and finally by various and serious offences, and unmentionable inhuman and illegal insults, have hurt the body and soul of this 70-year-old sufferer and tradesman, and have deprived him of patience and health.

Thirdly, with the coming and going of namahram[1] people in my house and their performing dishonourable things, they have caused insecurity and unhappiness for us. Even I, myself, have become completely ill, so much so that I have resorted to a physician and medicine, and mental and physical rest in order to regain my health.

Therefore, I hereby request the services of those religious and responsible people, to plead for justice as soon as possible in such a way that they consider it wise and prudent before the detailed and visible testimonies are destroyed, and ask for the reason and give the necessary orders to prevent further destruction of my capital and life to the representative of the Omana Company of Zahedan, and protect the right of residence, the right of business, the right of water, land, arboriculture, and building, because it is not acceptable and tolerable for any human being and an Iranian that in the government of the Islamic Republic, where Islamic justice must be established, this gross and very clear oppression is allowed against this weak servant.

In conclusion, I have to say that because in this house I can no longer bear the sight of the loss of the fruit and capital of a lifetime of my efforts, and can no longer bear to hear the repeated insults of ignorant people to my morals, my spirituality and all that is sacred to me, until the order of the competent authorities reaches me, I leave the mentioned house and I seek refuge in the one true just God, the Almighty, the Omnipotent, the All-powerful, the Peerless, and I do not leave unsaid that in any case and in any circumstance, He will not let the oppression and transgression pass away unheeded, as He doeth what He willeth, and I obey whatever is His good-pleasure, and hope that He will provide me with strength and power again, so that I can succeed in enduring the hardships in this time and in the future.

Respectfully yours, 

Gardener, caretaker, resident and tradesman in the house of the Omana Company,

Mohammad Ali Safari


5 Mehr 1358 [27 September 1979]


Copy recipients:

1- The esteemed Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Zahedan to investigate the matter and issue an immediate order following the petition dated 26 Shahrivar 1358 [17 September 1979], a photocopy of which is attached.

2- Esteemed Governorate General of Sistan and Baluchestan province for investigation

3- Person in charge of Zahedan Omana Company

4- Sistan and Baluchestan Labour Office to investigate my legal and humanitarian rights, to stop oppression and abuse

5- Lawyer or former representative of the Omana Company for information

6- Respected Public Prosecutor’s Office of the court of first instance of Zahedan City



[1] [Namahram:  Unrelated male, in front of whom Muslim woman should be veiled.]