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Ministry of Education

Ministerial Office


20/6/1358 [11 September 1979]


Mr. Karamatollah Rowshan

With reference to court order number 14974/2, [dated] 1/4/1358 [22 June 1979], whereby your employment with the Ministry of Education has been terminated for the reason that you are not a follower of one of the officially recognized religions of the country; and the five page enclosures (which many of your fellow religionists, who find themselves in a similar circumstances as you, have submitted as their pleadings and statement of defense, and a facsimile of which they have distributed), this is to inform you that:

The Ministry of Education is committed to the ‘Republic of Just Islamic Iran’—which was established through the sacrificial shedding of the blood and the martyrdom of thousands of devout and fervent Muslims, both men and women—to implement the laws of the Quran and Sharia of the Prophet Mohammad in schools. With respect to the blood of the martyrs, [the ministry] would not tolerate—like [those in] the Taghut [imperialist] era, which utilized its utmost power to spread corruption and impurity to undermine and weaken the blessed Islam—the continued inclusion of the followers of the Baha’i sect in the education system, and their efforts to contaminate the pure minds of innocent students and lead them astray. The fact that you have the responsibility for taking care of a family is not sufficient to leave you with the most vital and sensitive duty of educating and shaping the precious minds of the children of the nation.   

Given the vital fact that the purer the education environment, the more significant and undefiled will [be the reflection of] the effulgence and splendors of God, it is certain that the Baha'is will not be allowed to be in charge of the educational activities, as in the past. If you recall how thousands upon thousands, men and women alike, with the leadership of the elders and Ulama of Islam, suffered grave tribulations in gruesome places in exile, and endured such tortures, and how many young fighters were tormented beyond imagination so as to bring the monstrous hangman to its knees with their cry of Alla’u’Akbar, and who ultimately drank from the chalice of martyrdom, you will agree that the sanctified field of education cannot leave its precious children to the care of people of your kind, whose aim is contrary to the best interest of Islam, and who spread and promote malevolence.  

In conclusion, it is noted that employment of Iranian citizens in government offices is restricted to the followers of one of the officially recognized religions, such as Islam, Judaism, Christianity, or Zoroastrianism. Therefore, termination of your services is pursuant to codified law and stipulated minimum punishment. Surely, maximum punishment shall apply to your employer, who will, in due course, be prosecuted by law in the Islamic Revolutionary Courts. Your salary, which has been unlawfully paid to you over the years, is under review, and you will be notified in due course of the results.  

Mohammad-Ali Rajaei


21/6/1358 [12 September 1979]

Head of the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran