Mohammad  Dadash-Akbari

Born: 1935, Tarum, Zanjan

Executed in Rasht on 16 July 1980


Mohammad  Dadash-Akbari owned a bakery.  He declared his belief in Bahá’u’lláh in 1974. Because of his adherence to the Baha’i Faith, residents of Langarud ceased buying bread from him. During the early stages of the Islamic Revolution his bakery in Langarud, Gilan was confiscated and he was told to leave the region or face grave consequences.  He moved to Saveh, and after a brief period of apprenticeship as a plumber began work there. There, he continued a simple life with his wife and five children.

In 1979, while on a trip to Rasht, he was involved in a  minor accident with a car driven by a Pasdar (revolutionary guard) and to register this accident they went to the Komiteh. While coming out of the Komiteh office someone recognised him and he was arrested.  In prison, on a piece of paper, he wrote: ‘3 Ordibehest- I, Mohammad Akbari, am a Baha’i and whenever I am executed, bury me with a Baha’i funeral ceremony.’ At 4am, on 16 July 1980, despite the efforts of his brother and friends, he was executed at Rasht Navy Base. 


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