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[Personal information has been redacted.]


The Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Police Headquarters for the city of Borkhar and Meymeh



Date: 27 Bahman 1386 [16 February 2008]

Number: [illegible]

Enclosure: -----


From: Police Division 11, Shahin Shahr

To: Chief of Police, Intelligence and Public Security of [illegible]

Subject: [illegible]


Respectfully, this is to inform you that today an individual by the name of Misagh Sadeghi, son of Bahman, resident of [redacted] has come to this office to report that on 24 Bahman 1386 [13 February 2018] four unknown individuals, who had identified themselves to the above-mentioned person as the Police officers, raided his photography shop and inspected his studio and photography equipment.  At the end, they physically assaulted him, locked the door on him and left the shop.  Therefore, we are sending this report to you.  In the event that the officers were dispatched from your station to inspect the place of work, please inform this office in order for it to be able to follow up the matter in the future.  

Chief of Police Division 11, Shahin Shahr

Lieutenant [illegible]



27 Bahman 1386 [16 February 2018]