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The Red Lion and Sun Society

Region: -----


[Date:] 26 Farvardin [1358] [18 April 1979]


[Number:] 230


In response please indicate this number


Mr. Mirza Monir Daghighi-Ardekani, employment number [deleted], a Specialist Gynaecologist at the Maternity Hospital, and prompted by letter dated 8 Farvardin 1358 [28 March 1979], [it was found that] because you have not been serving at the Maternity Hospital since 1 of Farvardin 1358[21 March 1979] but rather, as per your own statement, have been serving your Baha’i religion, your service is terminated, effective from the 1st of Farvardin 1358 [21 March 1979] so you will not have any position at the Maternity Hospital of the Shiraz Organization.


Dr Abdol-Hamid Imami


The Red Lion and Sun Society