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[Personal information has been redacted.]




The Islamic Republic of Iran

Order of the Personnel Department

From: (52-4) 32 A[yn] National Administrative and Employment Organization


1-Ministry of Education and Training, Region 3 of Shiraz

2-Employee’s number [redacted]

3-Name: Mr. Mirza Khalil

4-Family name: Yazdani

5-Father’s name: Khajeh Hassan

6-Birth certificate number and place of issuance:

7-Birth certificate number: [redacted]

Place of issuance: [redacted]

Place of birth: [redacted]

8-Date of birth: Day: 1, Month: Shahrivar [23 August], Year: [redacted]

9-Highest educational degree and field of study

Highest degree: Associate degree in language

Field: -----

10-Title of permanent organizational position: High school teacher

11-Group: Educational and Cultural

Field: Teaching – High school teacher

12-Group: 9

13-Rank: 15

14-Organizational Unit: Region 3 of Shiraz Education and Training

15-Location of service: Shiraz, Province: Fars


Date: -----

Number: -----

17-Type of Order: Permanent dismissal from government service

18-Details of Order: According to letter Number F-10 – 150 - 16 Esfand 1365 [7 March 1987] of the Provisional Administrative Violations Review Board of Fars Education and Training, annexed to ruling number 1231 – 16 Esfand 1365 [7 March 1987], issued by that Board, from the date of this ruling, you are sentenced to dismissal from government services.



Department of Retirement Affairs of the Ministry of Education and Training – for your information

Economic Affairs Unit of Shiraz Finance Department – for your information

The Provisional Administrative Violations Review Board of Fars Education and Training

Mr. Mirza Khalil Yazdani, residence: [redacted]

19-Salary, benefits and bonuses: -----

20-Salary, benefits and bonuses written in this order, total sum of (in letters): ----- rials

After legal deductions of relevant credits ----- first chapter ----- articles one and two

21-Date of execution of Order: 15 Farvardin 1366 [4 April 1987]

22-Date of issue and number of Order: 24 Farvardin 1366 [13 April 1987] number 2605

23Name and family name of responsible authority: Mohammad Reza Setayeshi

Title of permanent organizational position: Head of the Office of Education and Training of Region 3 of Shiraz


Copy: Employee