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In the Name of God, the Exalted

Refinement is regarded higher than education and learning

(Imam Khomeini)



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Department of Education in Noor County


Date: 23/12/1361 [14 March 1983]

Number: AM/31572


Student [Mr.] Miran Aaj

Respectfully, pursuant to letter number K61064-7/12/1361 [26 February 1983] this is to hereby inform you that in light of letter number 46661-20/9/1361 [11 December 1982] from head office, you may continue your studies only on an unofficial basis. Therefore, it is best that you not waste the time of the staff of this office with your numerous communications.


On behalf of the Head of the Department of Education in Noor County




  1. Education
  2. Department of Education in the Province of Mazandaran, for information, with reference to letter K-61064-7/12/1361 [26 February 1983]