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Ministry of Justice

The Ministerial Office

Number: 18208

Date: 31 Mordad 1323 [22 August 1944]


Circular to Public Prosecutor’s Offices and District, Municipal and Provincial Courts

As per reports of the Ministry of the Interior, in recent times, some prejudicial and seditious individuals, under the pretext of religious differences, constantly incite people to riot, make disturbances, rob, beat, injure and even murder. Due to this problem, an order has been issued to the general governorates and the governorates to take measures for the prosecution and punishment of the trouble-making individuals, by collaborating with other governmental departments and locally trusted authorities, as fast as possible, so that security is restored. It is necessary that within the legal framework, yet with utmost seriousness, [you] collaborate to implement this order and avoid any leniency towards such seditious individuals.


The Minister of Justice,

Asadollah Mamaqani,

[Signature: Asadollah Mamaqani]