[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets.]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Public number: 4559

Private number: ------

Ledger: ------

File: 19



Office of the Prime Minister


Type of draft: ------

Subject of draft: ------

Attachment: ------

Clean copy writer: ------


Date written: ------, Date of clean copy: ------, Month: ------, Date recorded: 25 Khordad 1305 [16 June 1926]


Esteemed Ministry of the Interior

Regarding the incident in Jahrom, as you can observe, a letter has been received. The report you had sent under number 1254, dated 17 Khordad [8 June 1926], was not sufficient; neither contained enough details of the matter. The contents of the attached letter are surprising.They must be properly understood [illegible] and it must be found out, in reality, who has been at fault, how the government of that place has behaved, and what role [the police] have played. [Immediate action must be taken] and additional an explanation of the report is required. Please also return the enclosed letter.