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In the Name of God,


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Health


Date: [illegible]

Number: [illegible]

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O Prophet, tell my servants to speak in the kindliest manner.  The Exalted Quran


Central Office of Personnel,

With reference to letter number 4/7610- 30 Ordibehesht 1361 [20 May 1982], we advise herewith:

  1. According to the religious decree of most religious authorities, including Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, the payment of wages from the treasury of the Islamic Republic of Iran to individuals who are connected with the perverse Baha’i sect is forbidden.  Therefore, establishing a connection with or paying wages and benefits to any such individuals is contrary to the religious decrees of the learned religious Scholars [as stipulated under] the Human Resources Medical and Health Insurance Bill ratified on 24 [illegible] 1358 [15 [illegible] 1979/1980] by the Revolutionary Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran,.
  2. Given that no connection with above-mentioned individuals is permissible under the aforementioned Bill, it is also not possible to issue certifications of Records of Service for them.  In addition, given that no exceptions have been envisioned under the law in this regard, and according to Article 5 of the Human Resources Medical and Health Insurance Bill, [these individuals cannot] complete the terms of their service under [the provisions of] this Law, consequently it is prohibited for any educational institutions or other relevant authorities to provide such individuals [prior to fulfilment of this condition] with their educational documents or their certificates.
  3. In order to resolve issues [arising from the foregoing], the Ministry of Health has devised a solution in an amendment that it has prepared and which it intends to present to the government.


Dr. Nour-Ahmad Latifi

Deputy Supervision and Parliamentary


12 Khordad 1361 [2 June 1982]


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