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From Ministry of Defense (AJ) [‘A]

Deputy for Retirement Affairs of Ministry of Defense

Subject Expulsion of retired Baha’i officers

Number: 603-05/1-348

Date: 24 Dey 1358 [14 January 1980]


With reference to the decree issued by the Provisional Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the 5-member Committee has approved the expulsion of 63 retired officers as per the list provided below:

Issue direction [to an unknown entity] to take the necessary action with respect to the expulsion of said officers effective as from 1 Bahman 1358 [21 January 1980].

Minister of National Defense -Dr. Mostafa Chamran

Recipient: Head of SAMAJA (1-AJ Personnel of Army Commanders) for necessary action

34th [regiment], Lieutenant Colonel, music, Azizollah Ahmadian12-Javad-1376-Ashgabat


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