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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of the Interior,

Political [Affairs] Division


Date:  9 Shahrivar 1326 [1 September 1947]

Number: 8399/6693m




Honorable Ashraf[1], Prime Minister


I enclose herewith a copy of report number 11097 of 1 Shahrivar 1326 [24 August 1947] from the Central State Gendarmerie regarding the looting of the house of Dr. Samimi, the head of the Bahar Health Department along with a few other people, for your attention.  The Governorate of Hamadan has been asked with a coded message for clarification as to why the relevant officers have not taken the necessary steps to prevent and protect, and to fully explain the event.


The Minister of the Interior,

[Signature on behalf of Fereidouni]


[Handwritten Note 1:] 4/1746- 11 Shahrivar 26 [3 September 1947]


[Handwritten Note 2:] urgent [there is a] history, 12 Shahrivar [1326] [4 September 1947]


[Handwritten Note 3:] We have received reports from different regions about the Baha’is’ propagating their religion. In order to prevent the propaganda, which causes excitement and provokes the residents, the Office of the Prime Minister has taken some steps and has issued the necessary orders to the regional governors.  It was predictable from the beginning that this sort of propaganda would have a negative effect on the Muslims and would cause reactions that are against the propagators and the followers of the [Baha’i] religion.  For this reason the governors general and the regional governors were told to advise the [Baha’i] propagators to abstain from promoting their religion.  Now, you have to remind the regional governors again, the same way.



[1] [Ashraf means “The Most Noble”, it is the title of Prime Minister Ahmad Ghavam; it was given to him by the Iranian shah, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi].