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Ministry of Education

[Number: illegible]

Date: 24 Farvardin 1327 [13 April 1948]

Enclosure: ------


Head of the Office of Prime Minister


Pursuant to the letter number 21907- 26 Esfand 1326 [17 March 1948], regarding the response given to the telegraph dated 19 Bahman 1326 [9 February 1948] by Mr. Khalil Sabet, from Abadeh, about the expulsion of his son from the Boys University of Isfahan, we inform you as follows that the aforementioned person’s son has been expelled from the Boys University of that area because [he did not] observe the institution’s disciplinary order.  The same explanation has been given to him [Mr. Khalil Sabet] in repeated responses to the letters he has written to this Ministry.


From the Minister of Education, Dr. Mehran, [Signature]


[Margin 1:] [Stamp: Received at the Office of Head of Ministers, number: 1540, Date: 25 Farvardin 1327 [14 April 1948]].

[Margin 2:] Mr. Fakhraie, 25 Farvardin 1327 [14 April 1948]

[Margin 3:] Prior record, 26 Farvardin 1327 [15 April 1948]

[Margin 4:] Mr. Fakhraie, 27 Farvardin 1327 [16 April 1948]

[Margin 5:] Direct response has been given.  To be filed. 29 Farvardin 1327 [18 April 1948]