Mihrdad Maqsudi

Born: 11 June 1964, Miandoab, Western Azerbaijan

Following an attack in prison in Urmia, Western Azerbaijan died in hospital on 16 February 1987


Mihrdad Maqsudi began his schooling in his birth place and later moved to Urmia with his family where he continued his studies.  He was often persecuted by his peers at school.

On 1 January 1986, four Pasdars arrived at his high school and arrested him.  He was imprisoned for one week before he was allowed a visit by his family.  Some weeks later he developed health problems and was released for treatment.  Although the physicians examining him strongly opposed his re-imprisonment, he was arrested again and incarcerated.  On 4 February 1987, he was attacked in the prison shower and burned extensively and severely.  He was taken to hospital in Urmia and passed away two days later on 16 February 1987.  He was laid to rest in Tabriz in accordance with Baha’i law.


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