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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Health


Date: -----

Number: -----

Enclosure: -----


Ye, the noble nation, have seen that our honourable Iranian women have, [even] more than men, marched the fields in breaking the massive barrier of imperialism” Imam Khomeini

To: Regional Health Care Organization - Semnan Province

From: Department of Personnel

[Official stamp with date and number]

Date: 7 Azar 1360 [28 November 1981]

Number: 43757

With reference to letter number 1/14806 dated 12 Aban 1360 [3 November 1981], regarding the method by which the pensions are to be redeemed by those individuals who are believers of Bahaism and have been laid off in accordance with directive number 7560, dated 10 Dey 1359 [31 December 1980], from the ministerial office, a copy of Report number 4-807, dated 28 Aban 1360 [19 November 1981], from this department and the Office of Finance and Administrative Assistance, and adjoining letter number 5301/K/2, dated 15 Mehr 1360 [7 October 1981], from the Iran Insurance Corporation, are [attached].

Hashem Asgari

Head Office of the Department of Personnel




4 Azar 1360 [25 November 1981]

Copy to: Regional Health Care Organization - Tehran Province

Enclosed is the above-mentioned report with the letter from the Iran Insurance Corporation for your information and the required action.


[Handwritten note, number and date at the bottom of the page]

43157 - [date:] 7 Azar 1360 [28 November 1981]

[Official stamp with number and date]

Health Services Organization

Number: 17482

Date: 22 Azar 1360 - [13 December 1981]


Copy to

Send to hospital for information and the required action.

Send to the Polyclinic of France for information and the required action

Send to the clinic for information and the required action

Regional Health Care Finance and Administrative Assistance Office - Southern Tehran

SeyyedHabibollah Bolouki


[Stamp] Indexed


[Handwritten note, date at the top of the page]

In the Name of God

Public Prosecutor-General – Mr. Bolouki

Copy to be sent to all units


7 Azar 1360 [28 November 1981]