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[Date:] 22 Dey 1357 [12 January 1979]


Message of the Grand Ayatollah Bahaoddin Mahallati

From Tehran to the people of Shiraz


In the Name of Him, the Most High


Respectable Muslim brothers of Fars, the moments of triumph of your sacred movement, which has been watered by the blood of sanctified youth, is at hand. It is incumbent upon all the Iranians to act with vigilance and watchfulness, be observant, and abstain from causing any type of arson, beating, injury, and personal vengeance that might [contain] other hidden factors. Dear brothers, listen to my friendly counsels, which have no other goal than advancement of the movement, and are for your good and benefit:


Any attempt towards destruction and arson and personal vengeance, and any act of aggression in any given situation against the lives and properties of any person in any position or rank, even the religious minorities and non-Muslim sects, is prohibited within the present time and condition, is against the will of God, and is detrimental to the Islamic movement. Abstain from every similar kind of action that would destroy the public properties.


Do not act treacherously on the path of the sacred movement of Islam, and distance yourselves from the divine wrath and fury. If anyone would incite you to such actions, because they are not one of yours, have them under observation and present them to the high clergy.


22 Dey 1357 [12 January 1979]

13 Safar 1399

Bahaoddin Mahallati



According to the eminent leader, his honour the great Ayatollah Khomeini, any kind of announcement without signature, which would cause incitement and provocation…. [Unfinished]