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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Number: 29838

Office of: -----

Date: 16 Mordad 1344 [07 August 1965]

Enclosure: yes



Ministry of Roads and Transportation


Statistics and Research Head Office


Subject: [Request for the] Return of Job Application form

In response to letter Number: 13-1450 dated 13 Mordad 1344 [4 August 1965] we wish to explain that as Mr. Mehrnoush Talaie’s job application (in which he has declared his religion to be Baha’i), has become part of [his] file, together with the Ministerial letter Number: 11330/25288 dated 27 Tir 1344 [18 Jul 1965], and because he has ceased communication with the Ministry of Roads, the return of the application form is not possible. However, in case an error has been made in the writing of the said religion on the above-mentioned application, [then] a blank application form will be attached [to this letter]. Should [your] office intend to nominate the above mentioned [person] for reemployment, he can complete [the new application] and nominate his religion to be one of the constitutionally recognized religions. [Your] office should then confirm the truthfulness of his verbal and written [testimony in regards to his religion] in writing and send the completed application form along with your recommendation [for re employing Mr. Talaie] so that we may respond after due consideration.

For: Head of Personnel- Ministry of Roads and Transportation – Dadras


Secretariat of the Statistics and Research Head Office

Number: 1490

Date: 17 Mordad 1344 [08 August 1965]