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[Adapted from website:] Meraj

[Date:] 20 Aban 1399 [10 November 2020]


Scientific Meeting of Meraj Institute

Summary of the scientific meeting “Baha’is Probe the Shia Clergy for Obtaining Legitimacy”:

His Honour Hojatoleslam Faghihi emphasized that the enemy is trying to strike at Islam, Shia and the Islamic Republic, by giving legitimacy to the perverse Baha’i sect, in order to achieve its sinister goals.

The Baha’i sect is a purely propagandist sect that has sought to establish itself in the world by influencing important international centres, such as the United Nations. Although the seminary of theology and the government of the Islamic Republic have fought against the perverse Baha’i sect, this sect has continued to propagate its false religion in Iran. In order to gain recognition and legitimacy and continue its existence in Iran, Baha’ism considered that it needed to exploit and abuse the words of some Shia clergy. Due to lack of knowledge or lack of a sense of danger, some, willingly or unwillingly, have helped this perverse sect to achieve this goal with their words and fatwas.

The solution to the struggle against Baha’ism at the conference was presented as: “Understanding the way and method of Baha’i preaching―identifying the true nature of Baha’ism.”

Scientific Meeting of Meraj Institute