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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Meraj Institute for Sectarian Studies 

[Date:] 4 Aban 1400 [26 October 2021]


The Second National Graphic Arts Festival on “Bahaism, The Betrayal Assembly”

  • informs art enthusiasts that the second National Graphic Arts Festival, “Baha’ism, The Betrayal Assembly” is ready to accept works in the two sections of posters and caricature. Those interested in participating in this festival have the opportunity to send their works through the Moghadas-Nama (pseudo-sacred) website, www.moghadas-nama.com, from 1 Mehr till 7 Azar 1400 [23 September till 28 November 2021]. Prominent people in each field will judge the works. The names of the experts and judges of the festival are as follows:

• Chairman of the Festival Policy Council: Amir-Hossein Kamel Navvab

• Executive Secretary of the Festival: Ali-Reza Savacheh

• Content Secretary of the Festival: Hojatoleslam Ali-Reza Roozbahani

• Secretary of Caricature Department: Seyyed Masoud Shojaei

• Caricature Judges: Seyyed Masoud Shojaei, Maziyar Bizhani and Abbas Goodarzi

• Secretary of Poster Department: Seyyed Mohammad-Reza Miri

• Poster Judges: Seyyed Mehdi Yek Pasar, Ali Hayati and Mojtaba Majlisi


Baha’ism and Its Ties With Israel; Supporting Sanctions Against Iran; Killing of Iranians; Pahlavi Regime; Rezakhani’s Khasf-e Hijab[1]

Terms of participation in the caricature section:

- Inserting the name of the designer in the submission registration files is essential.

- No participation in the festival will be possible without completing the registration form.

- Refrain from submitting works that have already been ranked or awarded at festivals.

- Submitted works must have a resolution of 200DPI and a length or width of 2000 pixels and jpeg format.

- All submitted works must have the complete details of the owner of the work, including name and surname, father’s name, age, national ID number, address, landline and mobile phone.

- By submitting a work, the participant acknowledges that the festival secretariat has the right to use advertising, exhibitions and publishing works in the festival book, cyberspace and the press and to mention the artist’s name.

Subject of works:

Baha’ism and Its Ties to Israel

Baha’ism and Supporting Sanction Against Iran

Baha’ism and the Killing of Iranians

Baha’ism and the Pahlavi Regime

Baha’ism and Rezakhani’s Khasf-e Hijab

Date: 1 Mehr till 7 Azar 1400 [23 September till 28 November 2021]

Awards for the Best People in Each Field:

First person: 100 million rials

Second person: 80 million rials

Third person: 60 million rials

With an award statue and a certificate of participation in the festival


Secretary of the Caricature Section: Seyyed Masoud Shojaei-Tabatabaei

Cartoon judges: Seyyed Masoud Shojaei, Maziyar Bizhani and Abbas Goodarzi

Submit works via www.moghadas-nama.com



[1] [Kashf-e hijab:  On 8 January 1936, Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran issued a decree known as Kashf-e hijab, banning all Islamic veils, an edict that was swiftly and forcefully implemented.]