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Ministry of Roads and Transportation


Head Office of Accounting Department

Mr. Mehrnoush Talaie has been working as a daily-paid employee at the Statistics and Research-Head Office. He was, however, employed without any ministerial confirmation and approval [of his employment]. As he has declared himself to be a Baha’i in his application, and according to Article 1 of the amendment to the Constitution, Articles 2 -8 of the Public Services Employment Act, as well as the Prime Ministerial Circular Number 6782 dated 14 Tir 1334 [05 July 1965], and the view of the Retirement Head Office (which is in accordance with the Supreme court’s decision), his services at the Ministry of Roads are terminated as of today and he will no longer be employed or receive any salary.

Minister of Roads and Transportation



27 Tir 44 [18 July 1965]


Copy: with reference to the letter Number 1159 – dated 23 Tir 1344 [14 July 1965] addressed to the Statistics and Research-Head Office


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28 Tir 1344 [19 Jul 1965]

Secretariat of the Statistics and Research-Head Office