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Social Security Fund

In the Name of God, the Exalted



Islamic Republic of Iran

Social Security Organization

[Number:] 54060


Number: 34958/[illegible]

Date: 5/10/1360 [26 December 1981]



We must all collaborate in resolving our beloved homeland’s problems. (Imam Khomeini)


Mrs. Mehrangiz Sanaie,

Coordinator of Intake in Behshahr


In accordance with [letter] number 7560-dated 10/10/1359 [31 December 1980] from the Minister of Health, in view of the fact that your employment in this organization is subject to a legal ban, by virtue of this directive your initial employment contract, as well as all other orders concerning you are null and void, and effective the date of this letter your service is terminated. The salaries and benefits you have received to date will be considered your monthly compensation.

Dr. Abolfazl Gharazi


Deputy of Health, Social Security Organization