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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In His Exalted Name

Faculty of Science


This is to inform [you]: According to letters number KA/176, dated 1/9/1368 [22 November 1989], from the University Disciplinary Committee, and number HAD/1302, dated 11/7/1368 [3 October 1989], from the Executive Board for Suspended Student Status Evaluation Review, continuation of education of sister Mehr Rokh Sadeghi, student of biology, student number [redacted] has been denied. Please issue orders for her name to be removed from the faculty list.


Director of the Educational Office of the University [illegible]

13/9/1368 [4 December 1989]



  1. University Students Affairs, for information
  2. University Disciplinary Committee, with reference to letter number  HAD/1302, dated 11/7/1368 [3 October 1989]
  3. Sister Mehr Rokh Sadeghi, with letter number HAD/1302, dated 11/7/1368 [3 October 1989], for information

[handwritten note, number at top of page]

[Number:] 46-114

17/19 – [date:] 6/2/1390 [26 April 2011]