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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Mehr News Agency

[Date:] 6 Tir 1398 [27 June 2019]


Head of the Cultural and Propaganda of the Islamic Development Office of Qazvin Province:

Baha’ism is the Scene of a Cultural Camisado in the World

Qazvin – The head of the cultural and propaganda of the Islamic development office of Qazvin Province said, “Baha’ism is the scene of cultural camisado and the promotion of heretical sects, and cultural activists must be ready to confront it with vigilance and insight.”

According to the Mehr correspondent, a workshop on the flow of deviant movements was held before noon on Thursday in the presence of members of the province’s educated women’s [group] at the department of the Islamic Development of the Province of Qazvin[1].

In this workshop, Reza Fazli stated, “Propagating and attracting Muslim youth to Baha’ism is one of the actions of the hidden hands of the enemy, who carry out this activity silently.”


Baha’ism is the Executive Arm of the Zionists

The head of the cultural and propaganda of the Islamic development office of Qazvin Province said, “Individuals, especially religious groups, should pay attention to and have a general knowledge of sects and the methods of their influence among Muslims, which is necessary as one of the tools of soft war.

He stated, “Baha’ism is the executive arm of the Zionists and a cultural camisado, and cultural invasion is among the Baha’i sect’s conspiracies. The enemies are subjecting the youth to their deviant attacks”...

He added, “It should be known that the three sides of the evil triangle―the sects of Baha’ism, Ahmadiyya and Babism, were formed 200 years ago to infiltrate religion through belief. According to the Ruhi Arbab [sic] strategy, they plan to convert 10% of Iran's population to the Baha’i sect by 2021.”

Fazli said, “Baha’is are mainly active in villages and places where there is scientific paucity, and cultural institutions must be vigilant and plan intelligently to counter these misguided activities.”


[1] [Also known as Islamic Propagation Department]