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[Newspaper:] Mizan

[Date:] Thursday, 8 Aban 1359 - 20 Dhu l-Hijja 1400 - 30 October 1980

[Issue No.:] 43

[Page:] 2


[Social, ideological, and religious] Suffocation is Not Odd!

Section: 4

Engineer Mehdi Bazargan


Perhaps [social, ideological, and religious] Suffocation is Essentially Necessary

… [Social, ideological and political] suffocation is not very strange and always, everywhere, has been the means of the tyrants, monafeqin [ Hypocrites] and usurpers to reign, while those who call us to truth and reality have clear consciences and are not afraid of being called to account. Truth, reality, and justice grow better in the transparent and liberal environments and do not need alteration, imposition, accusation and insult.

However, in practice and outcome, strangulation has never succeeded in overcoming opponents and their influence. On the contrary, it has caused any opponent, whether right or wrong, to become more famous and appear meek, and to gain more prestige and strength. 

Consider what strangulation and repression have done for the Baha’is, Seyyed’ul-Shohada [Imam Hussain] and Shiites, against the Tudeh Party during the time of the shah; and [historically] how the same factors worked, in the end, in favour of Jesus and Ali.  The untrue and wicked obtained the appearance of legitimacy. They found followers and advocates; yet it was the truth seekers who gained the halo of holiness and eternal sovereignty. …