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[Newspaper:] Mizan

[Date:] Thursday, 23 Bahman 1359 [12 February 1981]

[Issue No:] 125


Mohandes Mehdi Bazargan’s talk at the passionate gathering of the people of Qazvin

Human Unity, God’s Unity

Human unity is something which does not stretch beyond human mind, interest and vision. The basis of this is selfishness. An individual wants it either for himself or for a country, a nation, a group or a class. He either negates others or says you have to walk under my banner. When Alexander came to Iran, not only the dynasty...

…What do we work hard for? Or consider Baha’ism. It was not such a dangerous or horrifying group because they believed Seyyed Ali Mohammad, the Bab, was the Imam of resurrection day, or because they later claimed that he was God. Since the conception of Islam, there have been different religious beliefs ranging from denial of God to differences in schools of jurisprudence. However, none of them were this horrifying and repulsive. Why? Because Baha’is were like leprosy. It was enough for a Baha’i to find his way to a place; he filled his surrounding with Baha’is without others’ noticing it.

The duty of Baha’is was propaganda, meaning that we should bring everyone under our own banner; for this reason, not only the Muslims but the entire nation of Iran could not accept them. However, the unity that Islam and the Quran teach us is different from this. The difference between the Quran and many other books is that the Quran talks about current or historical objective examples, and its perspective is more about the future. In time, we will see that there are issues and topics in it which at the time of the Prophet essentially…