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[Newspaper:] Jomhouri Eslami

[Date:] 27 Esfand 1359 [18 March 1981]

[Issue No.:] 520

[Page:] 4


Two Individuals Were Arrested for Cooperation with International Zionism

Shiraz - News correspondent of Jomhouri Eslami

The following announcement, regarding the outcomes of the trial of two individuals in connection with international Zionism, was issued by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz.

The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz evaluated the accusatory files of Mehdi Anvari Nafti, son of Masih, and Hedayatollah Dehghani, son of Nosratollah a resident of Abadeh, Shiraz. After a few days of court proceedings, a court ruling was issued as follows:

The first accused was a member of the National Assembly of the Baha’is [of Iran]. He and his father were poets and eulogists in the court of the annihilated shah and his cursed father. [Mehdi Anvari Nafti] cooperated with SAVAK and was very active in schismatic activities for the dispersion of Muslims. He has been connected with the public treasury of Haifa—the centre of Zionist espionage. [He] has sent financial aid and has received written commendation from them. He has been in touch with conspirators in the recent coup plan, has cooperated with Colonel Vahdat, one of the well-known great Zionist spies, and has committed several other crimes.

The second accused, a very active member of the Assembly of the Baha’is of Abadeh, has had close cooperation with Colonel Vahdat.  [Hedayatollah Dehghani] has made great efforts to convert the Muslims—especially the unaware people and villagers—to Baha’ism. He has also pressurised the Baha’i brothers who had been guided to Islam.  Based on the documents at hand and the accused’s own confession, he has contacted and met with 250 heads of villages, sheriffs, and tribal chiefs in Fars Province, which made him the recipient of a commendation letter from the Assembly of the Baha’is.  He has also been recording government phone conversations, etc., and has committed several other crimes, too.

As a result, these two individuals are identified as corrupt, perverted and Muhareb ba Khoda [fighting against God], the Prophet and the Imam of the Time[1] “May God hasten His appearance”, as well as for the crime of cooperating with international Zionism, and are condemned to death.

Upon the confirmation received from the Supreme Judiciary Court, the court ruling was carried out on Sunday at 6:00 p.m.


Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz






[1] The awaited 12th Imam of the Shi’a Islam