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Ministry of the Interior

The Governorate of Zabol


Confidential - Direct

Number: 4120

Date: 29 Bahman 1321 [18 February 1943]


Ministry of the Interior,

We have received a report from the Zabol Police Department indicating that a number of Baha’is have meetings three nights per week, and most nights the gathering takes place at the home of Lieutenant Manavi, an officer of the military administrative affairs, and their number reaches close to 60 or 70. Recently, Haji Mohammad-Yousef Hossein-Najafi, who is their preacher, has arrived in Zabol and has been busy propagating at all of the meetings. A few military officers attend this meeting, as well. This was reported for your information. Please order whatever action you deem appropriate.

Representative of Zabol Mayor’s Office



[Stamp:] Arrival at the Office of the Prime Minister]

Number: 4120

Dated: 29 Bahman 1321 [18 February 1943]


[Stamp: Political Officer]

Number 5387

Dated: 3 Esfand 1321 [22 February 1943]


[Stamp: Zabol Mayors’ Office]

Number: 183

Dated: 8 Bahman 1321 [28 January 1943]