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[Number:] 1-1-2129

Date: 1 Dey 1360 [22 December 1981]


Dear members of the National Spiritual [Assembly]

With greetings, a copy of the letter written to the mayor of Tehran in regard to the Baha’i cemetery, and the footnote written by Mr. Seifian, the first deputy of Tehran Council, is enclosed for your attention.

With humility and servitude




In the Name of God, the Almighty

Considering that Baha’ism is a political sect, which, since the English colonialism and subsequently during Zionism, has been nothing but the cause for deviating people—either these who have been deceived through their own simplicity, or the Muslims who have wasted their time arguing with this group—it has no merit as a religion or faith, thus these individuals must only be buried in a cemetery for those who are not of the Book.  


21 Azar 1360 [12 December 1981]