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Arak Machinery Manufacturing

Private Joint-Stock Company


Number [illegible]

Date: 14 Shahrivar 1359 [5 September 1980]

Enclosure: -----


Mr. Masoud Mehrabi,

According to the provisions of letter number l232/4555, dated 12 Tir 1359 [3 July 1980], of the deputy minister of industry and the head of the Board of Directors of the Organization for Expansion and Development of Industries in Iran, since payment from the Public Treasury to the Baha'is has been declared forbidden by Grand Ayatollahs Rabbani Shirazi Dastgheib and Mahallati and those who breach this edict will be considered wrong doers, please report to the plant as soon as possible and take action for the return of public properties [in your possession] and settle your account with the company.

Head of the Personnel Office

Mansour Dashlou


Copy: Arak Labor and Social Affairs Head Office - for information

Copy: Housing Affairs - for necessary action

Copy: Personnel file