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In the Name of God

No: 733-32

Date: 11 Dey 1361 [1 January 1983]

Enclosure: 2 pages


Decision of the Admissions Council

Mr. Masoud Hoseini Varnamkhasti, Course of study:  Machine Mechanics, Department Mechanics, University of Science and Technology, Student No [redacted], Year of University admission;  1354 [1975/1976], Number of Units Passed --- Grade Point Average ---. You are hereby informed that due to the following reasons:

  1. Affiliation with perverse Baha’i sect
  2. Activity in atheist and militant groups

Based on the report of the investigation group and the evidence and documentation reviewed, it was found that the evidence was reliable as determined by the Admission Council, considering your own confession, the opinion of the Police Force and Judicial Organizations and, taking into account your claim of recantation and the policies in relation to individuals who have recanted, together with clause D and clause A of the first chapter of the Executive Guidelines  for the admission of university students (of second phase transfer) and suspended students (of first phase) , issued by the esteemed Minister for Culture and Higher Education, the continuation of your education is not approved.

[Or] for a period of …………..your study has been suspended. If you do not breach your statement of regret or your recantation, you can continue your study after the aforementioned period.

Also, as per the above considerations and the bylaws for awarding equivalent degrees and equivalent associate diplomas, ratified by the Headquarters of the Cultural Revolution on 22 Shahrivar 1361 [13 September 1982], you can/cannot apply for an equivalent certificate.

If you wish to appeal against this decision, you can lodge your appeal with relevant documents and grounds for appeal, in 2 copies within 5 days from receiving this letter. Use registered mail and state your correct address and send only to Admission Council, P.O Box 64/1514, Tehran.



  1. Appeals that do not have the appellant student’s correct address will not be considered.
  2. Admission Council will reply to you within a maximum of 25 days after receiving the appeal.



On behalf of Admission Council Secretary

[Signature over official stamp]

Iran University of Science and Technology