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[Adapted from website:] Mashregh News

[Date:] 4 Bahman 1390 [24 January 2012]


Baha’i Temple Building Strategy!

Mashregh political group: The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the name of the Baha’i sect is the story of a sect created by the government, which is known in Iranian literature as the Old Fox.

Mashriqu’l-Adhkar is the title that the members of this sect have used for their places of worship. In extensive propaganda, these places are considered gathering places for the supporters of different religions, and they say they belong to all human beings.

One of the most attractive temples is the Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India, a country with a population of about 1.5 billion, which has great potential to attract its inhabitants to the sect. The water lily (lotus), which, according to [Fariborz] Sahba, was built to gather followers of religions, and not just a place for Indian public gatherings ... One of the remarkable points in the construction of this temple is that in order to mislead the public, the builders have built a number of medical and charitable centres next to the Lotus Temple.

This huge structure is designed in the shape of a lotus [flower] and attracts tourists with its beautiful appearance. It is not yet clear exactly who is responsible for the costs of its construction.  With a little searching, we come across some other points.

In Azar 1388 [November/December 2009], the propaganda about this temple even gripped Hamshahri Newspaper, the official organ of the Municipality of Tehran during the presidency of the pilot Ghalibaf and pushed it to the point of temporary suspension by the Press Supervisory Board.

Unfortunately, many tourist centres and operators of India, regardless of the hidden angles of this seemingly beautiful temple, introduce a visit to the Lotus as their main plan, without knowing that the Baha’is are trying to plan extensively to attract to this sect—made by Baha’u’llah—visitors who are impressed by the grandeur of this building.

The construction of Houses of Worship in places like Frankfurt, Germany; Ashgabat; Sydney; Uganda; Panama; U.S.A., etc., which are located in different continents of the world, shows the extensive planning of Baha’is to attract tourists to the temples of this sect in different parts of the world.

Meanwhile, the promotion of temples like the Lotus in the country seems very strange, and the authorities should seriously monitor the advertisements for this temple, travel agencies and construction companies that design similar structures.