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[Adapted from website:] Mashregh News

[Date:] 8 Farvardin 1399 [27 March 2020]


Genetic Investigation of Iranians by a “Special Sect” in America With Picture

According to Mashregh [News], one of the most important socio-political techniques of Jews has long been to recant their religion.

Traditionally, for centuries, many [of the Jews] have tried to conceal their true religion by pretending to believe in another religion. The Jews who profess Christianity are called “Maˈranos” and the Jews who profess Islam are called “Anusi”. Of course, sometimes the word “New Islam” is inaccurately used for them. These conditions give them―who are generally detested by communities for various reasons―extensive maneuvering power…


… Although Zoka-ol-Molk [Foroughi] came from a Jewish family, in addition to studying at Dar ul-funun [the Academy of Technologies], he also studied in seminaries such as Sadr Madrasa, Marvi School and Sepahsalar School; He even achieved [success] in receiving lessons from the great sage of that time, Mirza Abolhassan Jelveh. Musa Haqqani, a prominent contemporary historian, talked about Foroughi’s being a Jew:

The Foroughi family was among those belonging to the Baghdad Jews, and no one doubted that. Their ancestor came to Iran from Baghdad and resided in Dardasht; even now the family suffix of Foroughi is Dardasht[i]. Apparently, they became Muslims. Many poets of that era had interesting reactions to his being Jewish. Adib al-Malek, Malek osh-Shoara Bahar, and so on, were among those who made reference to this issue.

There is an important issue with regard to Baghdadi Jews and the story of their conversion to Islam, and that is that when the story of the Bab and the Baha’u’llah came to light and was not welcomed in the country, a number of Baghdadi Jews who either had apparently converted to Islam or did not convert to Islam at all, joined the Babi movement and helped them. In fact, by joining their movement, they helped this movement to revive and come to life.

Jewish Baha’is

There is much evidence for the duality of Jews who pretended to be Muslim. Among many historians there was a consensus that more than a century ago, a current was created for the Jews to become Baha’is in such a way that after a short time, more than 90% of those who constituted the Baha’i population were formerly Jewish. This issue of “injecting Jews into Baha’ism”, more than a century ago, was considered quite obvious in the Iranian political space.

Esmail Raeen, in the book, “The Schism in the Baha’i Faith” wrote, “Most Baha’is in Iran are Jews and Zoroastrians; Muslims who followed this sect are in the minority. For years now, fewer Muslims have joined them.” On 2 Azar 1341 [23 November 1962], His Holiness the Imam also wrote in a warning letter to Asadollah Alam that, “It is good for the government to know its duty; do not trample us under a handful of Jews that have become Baha’i (2 Azar 1341[23 November 1962]).”

Source: Tasnim