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[Adapted from website:] Mashregh News

[Date:] 1 Mehr 1396 [23 September 2017]


The Repeated Reunion of Faezeh Hashemi With the Sentenced Baha’i

In a new move against her father’s wishes, Faezeh Hashemi met again with elements of the perverse Baha’i sect and ignored her late father’s earlier remarks about amending such an action.

Political Service of Mashregh News – Faezeh Hashemi, who, shortly after her father’s death, once again in a new move, visited Mahvash Sabet, one of the elements of the perverse Baha’i sect, who had been sentenced and had just been released from prison. This action of Faezeh Hashemi [took place after] she had already visited a Baha’i woman while her father was alive, and her images caused controversy in the political atmosphere of the country. At the same time, the media and political and religious figures, including the clergy, etc., reacted to the occurrence of such an abomination and warned Hashemi’s daughter that taking this path only leads to perdition.

Criticism was raised to the point where Seyyed Mehdi Tabatabaei, a clerical supporter of Hashemi Rafsanjani, said in response to Faezeh Hashemi’s action, “I also heard the story of Mrs. Faezeh Hashemi’s visit and I could not believe it. She knows the history of Baha’ism and is the child of a Quranic scholar and commentator such as Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani. [She] herself is one of the fighters in the path of the Revolution and sympathetic to the regime; [she] has committed such an action, be this friendship or a visit.”

At the same time, the media quoted Hashemi as saying, following the news of his daughter’s meeting with several members of the perverse Baha’i sect, that “Faezeh made a bad mistake and must rectify it.” But it was after these remarks that Mr. Hashemi’s daughter told Euronews that not only was her action not wrong, and that she did not regret it, but rather, the regime has oppressed the Baha’is. Following the presence of Faezeh Hashemi in the gathering of the perverse Baha’i community, BBC thanked and appreciated this action and expressed hope that such actions would continue.

Now, in a new move, Faezeh Hashemi has gone to visit a Baha’i, contrary to her father’s words, and in a kind of obvious denial of her family’s heritage. The fact that Hashemi’s daughter [disobeyed] her father’s words after his death is a matter for reflection which indicates that Hashemi Rafsanjani’s honour and all his efforts are initially being trampled on within his family, and the remains of the legacy of Hashemi Rafsanjani in support of the Revolution and enmity with the Baha’is is being shattered by his children.

It seems that Hashemi Rafsanjani’s family, especially Mohsen Hashemi, as an older son, should have reacted appropriately to Faezeh’s action so that everyone would understand that Hashemi was someone who was hostile to Baha’ism and had no friendship with it.